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NECROPOLIS – spatial future of past lives


/// tangible, pioneering, and sustainable cemetery, that seeks for a powerful architecture to create a social symbol, fighting against the deny that our modern societies suffer from ///

___AN INNOVATIVE, PIONEERING, AND RADICAL PROGRAM, RESULTING FROM THEORICAL & PRACTICAL ACADEMIC RESEARCH OH THE TOPIC___ ___A PIONEERING PROGRAM___ The technical functions required in a cemetery are rarely known. A personal deep study on the cemetery universe got me to create a totally innovative program, yet realistic, in order to design a tangible project. All the parts of this program, which existed under other and separated forms, have never been gathered in one unique place. It is the key concept, to create a real "place", which identity is strong enough, and that accompanies the users through the different steps of a loss. ___ON A PIONEER LAND___ The Netherlands are well known for being an innovative, open-minded nation. With its international radiance, Amsterdam appeared to be a very accurate project site, for a challenging and questioning program. ___PROGRAM___ [for the detailed program, see the board] _A. public space _B. entrance hall, administration _C. funeral parlour _D. funeral ceremonies _E. graves _F. columbarium _G. remembrance garden _H. ossuary _I. celebration

The Board:
NECROPOLIS – spatial future of past lives Board


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