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Museum of Underwater Antiquites in Volo’s Port,Greece

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The theme of the project is the creation of a museum of underwater antiquites in the city of volos, which is located in the central greece. Purpose of the design is the creation of an attraction for visitors and a landmark of the region and the whole country which will represent it’s important naval history.The museum is actually an archaeological museum which exhibits recordings in chronological order from shipwrecks and sumberged settlments which were found in the ports of greek teritory from the ancient years unitl today.

Decisive role in the basic design of the tumors was the jetty’s linearity in conbination with the ippodamus system that the city of volos has been created.The shape of the pier has been modified and especially has been rotated 45*creating a dynamic form in respect of the urban fabric.Tumor processing was done on the basis of vacuum-complete as the site provides spectacular views to both the city and the sea. The materials that were used are concrete for the main frame, wood for the circulation and the shading and metal for the frame of the wooden elements..

The Board:
Museum of Underwater Antiquites in Volo’s Port,Greece Board
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