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Misurina 3.0


Misurina is one of the most famous places in the Dolomites (UNESCO Heritage from 2010). The project has the goal to manage the huge amount of tourists that pass by Misurina especially during the summer. The huge amount, during the last 20 years, has modified the perception of Misurina Landscape because the traffic and the parking areas are on lake’s bank. These problems are strongly related with an absence of tourism planning by local administrations. The strategy of this thesis is really easy: first of all requalify the car park areas and convert it in new green areas.

The target is realize a safe area all around the lake where people can enjoy the landscape. The second step is move the traffic from the current road from a new road on the east side that is completely hide in the wood. This new road retraces the old access way of Misurina, thanks to this trace (6 meters wide) the new road impact is really low. All of these infrastructures have the goal of don’t change the landscape and give a better feeling of the Misurina Lake at the tourists when they are enjoying this place without the traffic’s chaos.

The biggest part of the work was on the right measure of the new road on the east side. During the development of this thesis we held to be true that build a road solution of 10 meters width was pointless because in future when autonomous car will take over the traditional one we will have an infrastructure over dimensioned to the real need of Misurina. So the strategy is build nowadays directly a road that can work nowadays as one way road to reduce the traffic on the actual road but in the future when the driverless car will be the prevalent on our road will eliminate totally the traffic from Misurina but at that point we will have a right dimensioned infrastructure that is the most important thing in a fragile ecosystem as Misurina. In this night view is showed all the project’s interventions. On the east side of the lake is showed the new road hide in the wood. Just little bit down is highlight with orange light the pedestrian way around the lake, thanks to the new strategy it become a big attractive of Misurina. Finally the Misurina Lake will have a pedestrian safe lap around the lake. The red light showed the new car parks area, these spaces are near to the lake (1-5 mins by walk) but not directly attached in these way the car will not interfere with the Misurina’s views. These parking areas have the virtue to be situated at the sud and north side of Misurina. Thanks to these localization it can intercept the tourist car before that are going to across the village.

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Andrea Guiatti

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