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This project was designed based on theory of Rhizome,trying to creat vagueness and uncertainty and intendingto go beyound the boundries.
the gaps on the volume points at the explosion of the data in our new world.The word”rhizome” was first introduced by provokes horizontal thinking.Rhizome is derived from the Greek root of rhoza,meaning the underground root and stems of some plants,in which glands apear and roots grow widely in lower parts of plant.According to Deleuze, this plant in rootless ,without structure; life is illogical and this illoicality is kind of ambiguity.

The intended site for architectural design of the Digital media Center in Tehran with the aim of developing social technologies is located in zone three of Tehran .the intended land for this site is a land in the cultural section.Selection of this site was made considering many major issue including proximity to the cultural atmosphere of Mellat Movie theatre and student dormitory ,which attract young and sophisticanted groups of the society for leisure time and entertainment and creates a lively and creative atmosphere for the development and improvement of current society.

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