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Luminous Bonds


The area is situated in the geographical center of Trieste, in between an industrial and a residential zone, touching a highly visited city park and separated from the context by a major difference in height. This slice of city-in-between is currently underused, although it contains an esteemed artifact of industrial architecture, the gasholder of Broletto, harbringer of the revolution of its time, that once used to illuminate the whole city.

The proposal aims to give proper value to the gasholder by making the area a roleplayer in innovation once again. It will serve this purpose through a series of four new building and a complete regeneration of the original artifact itself, together with a detailed transformation of the surroundings. This will both include it in the city's texture once again, both make it a waypoint of european innovation, research and higher education. And the gasholder will be its symbol, lightning up the darkness of ignorance.

After reworking, with a huge focus on slow mobility, the whole infrastructural system in order to make it accessible to both users from the surroundings and users from the whole city, the area was transformed into a public area connected to the already existing park. The buildings are a result of the difference in height between the already existing street and the base level of the gasholder and its surrounding area. This molded the shape, which is cut in half in order to allow the descent and rise from one part to the other. The cut transforms into a stairway, focus of the public life of the building itself.

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