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Along the River, Designing a Belvedere for the Bormida Valley

The project is located in a natural habitat on the banks of the Bormida River, spread across nine surrounding villages. After understanding the human ecological chain of Bormida River, it was found that with human production activities, the ecology of river water is undergoing almost irreversible changes, such as water pollution, biological habitat damage and so on. However, environmental changes are constantly evolving from micro to macro. Human attention is normally unable to capture these tiny effects. This project hopes to remind people of the development of the environment through the installation of this medium, so as to actively and consciously protect the environment and protect valuable water resources.

The use of floating water quality testing can effectively detect the water quality and transmit the signal to the signal receiver of the nearby device. The built-in LED light changes color to warn you. At the same time, the activities of the crowd were investigated, and meditation, rest, and communication were selected as spatial activities to meet diverse space needs.

There are three types of lighting devices, which are distributed along the river near nine villages. They are pollution warning light mode, flood warning mode and landscape light mode. When the water quality detection equipment detects the risk of pollution, the lighting device receives the signal and emits red light. When the water level is too high and there is a flood risk, the lighting device will give a flash warning and then turn on the power off protection. The landscape lighting devices need to be opened with the cooperation of personnel to provide lighting and atmosphere for tourists and villagers.

The observation device is a passive device that does not require energy to drive. Through the deep underground pipeline and reflector, the observer can see the underwater and underground conditions and explore the possibility of ecological interaction.

devices exposed to the natural environment are Kakli and mirror stainless steel. Simulate the shape of tree trunks in the forest, mirror stainless steel reflects the surrounding vegetation, reduces the sense of existence of human creatures, and provides the meditators with immersive space experience. Acrylic and stainless steel will be recycled after the expiration of the device.

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