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La Defense’s building in Paris stands as a fort in front of modernity, so that the world of metal and concrete buildings will not be swept across Paris. La Defense is a leisurely and non-stop passage in the city of lovers that brings tourists to their workplaces as soon as possible to shopping malls or hotels and employees. Our goal is to design, create a dialogue between the passersby of this place. In addition to constructing buildings, architects should also consider improving social relationships and building them up. The medieval space of the tower consists of discrete boxes in the center of the La de fence area of the urban plaza.

These boxes are animated and in vertical and horizontal directions. These boxes are in three floors; bars, cafes and spaces designed to meet people. Considering the many shopping malls, people need to go to the place for a break after a break, or better off getting tired in a cafe with the old Parisian or Parisian prospects. By moving away from the Champs-Elysées to La Defense, there is a lot to be seen in terms of reducing green space and building density. As the distance from the Parisian space and the Champs-Elysees Street, green space is decreasing and the density of buildings rises. The lack of plants causes mental fatigue and the lowering of the tolerance threshold in humans. By designing the green space between the boxes, we bring tranquility to the people in the area.

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La Défense

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