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Islamic center


I have chosen this topic “Islamic center” is a place for muslim community.It create awareness among muslim community about what is islam and teaches the islamic life style and guidings of prophet.

*Why I chose Islamic center as my project?*👇👇 “Islamic center” is a place for muslim community to refresh their knowledge and non-muslims to know about Islam. It create awareness about Islamic life style and also the teachings of prophet Muhammad(s.a.w). I have designed the Islamic center with the following facilities: 1) Educational institution 2) Hostel 3) Hajj house 4) Grand Masjid 5) Auditorium 6) Restaurant and 7) Play ground. All the above mentioned facilities is designed for women and men as a separate blocks which excludes Restaurant, Masjid and Auditorium. However separate ways are paved in these three facilities. Islam encourages the importance of seeking knowledge. There is no barrier for women to learn in Islam. It encourages both the gender equally.

The site location chosen is Trichy, because there is an International Airport to cover the muslim ummah to get benefited while travelling for Umrah and Hajj. The Hajj house inside Islamic center will be more helpful and guidance for them to perform Umrah and Hajj. Moreover there is a lack of Islamic center in immediate vicinity of International airport, Railway station, Bus stand and Hospital which cover within 30 minutes. I have designed a contemporary Masjid which will enhance the better understanding of how a Masjid looks like. Most of them think Masjid should have traditional dome, minerate and mihrab. The first masjid built in this world by Prophet (s.a.w.) is Makkah Haram which is in simple cubical shape and the same design maintain until today.My design also similar to this to show the people masjid shall be like without traditional dome, minerate and mihrab. I was inspired by the islamic doctrines of 'shahada',the declaration of beleif,and 'Tawheed',monotheism to come up with a unique design that reflects the bright future of islamic architecture. I have admired the quranic concepts like rainbow mountain, meeting of two seas etc. That inspiration help me to model the Islamic center in this design. Thank you...

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