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Future indicates that more and more people either choose or been asked to work from home, forcing them to change their way of living. This change can be the begging of a new way we design houses and organise the personal needs.Let’s try to add “working area” in the basic list of necessities such as kitchen, bedroom and living areas.

In this project, Guilia and Roberto is a couple with two different jobs and their working needs should be taken into consideration when designing their new housing environment. Roberto, as a consultant, needs a quiet place, with limited distractions and a professional office background for video calls and meetings with colleagues. On the other hand, Guilia, as a designer, will be more comfortable in a sunny and open working place with plenty of room to concentrate and brainstorming. The result of this combination of needs led to the design of a glass room (PRIVACY), next to the window (OPENESS), with separate working tools and a comfortable, modern, yet professional environment. The aim is not to demolish the basic principles of housing, but to embed them in the new way of living. This way the common facilities as we know them (kitchen & living area), are still in the forefront and unattached. Bedroom, as a private area, is designed in a more innovative way offering semi-privacy to the couple. The transformation of the dining area in the middle of the living room is an easy, yet sufficient way of earning more space. The main effort is this modification of the interior space to be both realistic but also economically efficient. This way, it could be easier to achieve a worldwide willingness for an interior transformation in order to make our “housing” environment stay tuned with our “future” needs….

The Board:
“FUTURE” HOUSING // WFH – b84ea Board


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