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Fuel Station Design At Manali -Leh Highway

The Great Himalayas , the mystic mountains which was formed by the collision of Indian plate and Eurasian plate. This impact created one of the most beautiful design of Architect Nature. In a way there is nothing that we humans need to add to this landscape , it is beautiful and self sustaining , but we are not. We need the nature and the things which they create and we create in order for our survival .

DESIGN CONCEPT : Feng Shui of the Mountains. The Idea was to recreate the flow of the terrain into the form of the structure. Creating an asymmetrical flow of the roof slopes. supported by steel frames . This place is a provided with a small accommodation and a cafe so the travellers can make a stop and refresh. An ample parking space is provided which also follows the style of the terrain mountain roof.

A Workshop is also designed with this station to help the travelers with their problems in vehicles. This road is mostly used by bikers who take this scene route for the thrill of the ride.


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Jayakrishnan Ranjit

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