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The international health crisis we are facing today will have a profound impact on our lives and will lead to new ways of living and working. ‘Framework’ explores the relationship between personal and work life while promoting wellbeing to enhance the quality of life within the housing sphere. With a fluid and flexible space yet designed for human scale, ‘Framework’ enables Giulia and Roberto to find a balance with their work-life by giving them the tools to take control over their environment.

At the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies will decide to allow their employees to work from home. By adopting this working style every other day, Giulia and Roberto need a more comfortable living environment to better organize their working sphere within their 60 sq.m apartment. To set the limits with personal life, working from home requires a dedicated and isolated space. On the one hand, the workspace must be flexible as square metres are valuable and work time is limited to specific hours and days. On the other hand, Giulia and Roberto should be able to leave their workspace in place from one day to the next without losing the essential and necessary space for their daily life. ‘Framework’ meets these challenges by designing creative and modular solutions to easily move from a workspace to an open, multi-purpose space in a few seconds without compromising comfort. Thus, Giulia and Roberto will find the right balance between their work and their lifestyle by having the tools and the freedom of how they use spaces.

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