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Flood Disaster Prevention and Educational Center


Nagoya is one of the most vulnerable cities to flooding in Japan.
The Nagoyaite’s relationship with water has only evolved over time from a strong harmony to a break with it.
The “Prevention and Educational Center for Flood Disasters” will help reconnects people with their river by learning the risks and benefits of water.
The prevention center operates in two stages, a non-flood time and a flood time.
Normally, of peace, it’s a center of prevention (educational space, exhibitions, agriculture, rescue formations in boats and simulation rooms typhoon, rainwater, underground flood).
In times of flood, the Center becomes a temporary shelter and helps the various emergency services to distribute supplies within the city.

The two-level bridge crosses a large part of the plain of Nobi and makes it possible to escape the flood. That is why, along the second level of the road bridge, an urban strategy is set up. Hang on the road bridge which is an emergency lane and thus allows to work with emergency services in case of flood disaster.

The Board:
Flood Disaster Prevention and Educational Center Board
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