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Floating room – FRC2017


The idea of ​​building a floating room that can be placed in a natural or an artificial water bodies, first is to understand what makes up the water bodies at a visual level. In order to project something that fits this envelope and that can convey the feeling that it has always been there.
A water bodie, natural or artificial, contains the first sight, water, stone, vegetation and provide life around them. In order for this project to be identified with the place, it is necessary that it fit into these parameters, with Lake Iseo as the site of the project implementation. This project appears as if it were the fourth “island” in Lake D’iseo, between Monte Isola and Sulzano, facilitating access to both sides.

The concept of this project comes from the photographic collection of Eiko Jones, where the photographer portrays natural water bodies having the stone as the main photo element. These photographs, because of perspective, represent the stone as if they were an island located in a body of natural water, between two margin. Which brings us to the idea of ​​an element that could be sculpted in order to create something. Therefore, this project consists of creating an element with the appearance of a stone dug stone to be inhabited, but built in recycled wood and self-sustaining.

This floating room is designed as if it were a carved stone creating in it a "cave" with three openings, the main one that gives access to the platform or the interior of the room, a vertical opening that serves as natural light for the whole space and finally the opening that serves as secondary access if the floating room is attached to a port. Its interior is made up of a set of versatile volumes that define the space and carry its own functionality. Instead of projecting a conventional room where we would have several space with different functionalities, we projected a single space but with multiple functionalities. Therefore, the interior of the floating room presents itself without dividing walls or own spaces. However, this room satisfies every need that occupants may have, through different volumes and with different functionalities. The room is constructed entirely of recycled wood, which in addition to being lightweight construction element also provides greater comfort to its inhabitants. This project turns out to be simple, ecological and easy to construct, being able to be built in the very place where it is intended to position it.

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Floating room – FRC2017 Board


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