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Floating Room Competition 2017


If we are to live on water, we should be able to enjoy what’s on the surface of the water as well as what’s below the surface. With that thought in mind, why not design a building the can do just that.

Thus by putting together architectural knowledge, submarine technology and boats technology, it is possible to have a liveable floating space.

The idea is to have a self contained space that is solar powered. Solar energy powers the lighting, air circulation system, an air compressor and other small appliances in the room. The room can be anchored to float on a fixed geographical location where it can be reached by boat or an on-water bridge. Considering the weight of the room, the pressure in the inflation tanks - that actually act as the room’s platform - is what keeps the room afloat. The air compressor is used to reduce the pressure in the inflation tanks thus allowing them to be filled with water. This process allows the room to slowly submerge into the water to the designed depth. Increasing air pressure in the inflation tanks creates buoyancy. The inflation process forces water out and slowly the room surfaces to the surface level. This is a structure that can work as a half submarine if I should say. A building that can go down water, at owners will, and still remain on the surface of the water. The owner living in it can appreciate both what's on the water surface and what’s below it.

The Board:
Floating Room Competition 2017 Board


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Elifuraha Marress

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