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Covid-19 has changed many things in our daily life. Our living spaces will also need to adapt to this new reality. Giulia and Roberto needed to update their apartment to include a flexible work and living space. The new concept for their apartment addresses all those new demands and allows a more flexible routine. Our focus was placed on multi-use spaces, which can be easily converted from intimate to sociable areas and vice-versa. In order to accomplish this task, we have included movable partitions and modifiable furniture.

LAYOUT: The layout is designed to be used in three different main modes: routine, party time and quarantine. Forward-looking assumptions take into consideration the possibility of new outbreaks, a sanitizing station was placed at the entrance. We planned an isolation mode layout and also provided a reasonable storage space, including a large fridge.

WORKING FROM HOME: Sharing a work and living space can impose psychological and spatial challenges. In order to address these factors, we have designed a hidden workspace that offers plenty of natural light and is easily isolated from the rest of the apartment. The movable partitions can be used to separate the office completely for use in virtual meetings or to keep furry friends at bay. Moreover, in case it becomes necessary, the space can be reorganized to accommodate two workstations. MULTIPURPOSE WALL: The longest uninterrupted wall was designed for multi-use as well as to include many different storage and entertainment options. Furry friends are also welcome here! WELL BEING: The balcony was designed to be a green retreat where they can relax and recharge their energy connecting with nature. The house also gives them the option to rearrange the space in different possibilities, delivering comfort to every activity they have in mind. The indoor plants, colours and materials were also chosen to evoke a cozy atmosphere.

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