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We live constantly connected to the world, thanks to “mobile” devices such as smartphones, which make us available in every situation and of which it really seems we cannot do without; whether they are for work or for our personal life.
It is undeniable that this technology has many positive aspects, it allows us to do the job faster and more efficiently, as well as to keep in touch with friends and family, sharing with them photos, messages, music and videos. However, these devices can also have a negative impact on human health and the psyche, as many authoritative scientific studies declare: from depression to social isolation; from nomophobia or the anxiety of remaining disconnected, to the continuous exposure to electromagnetic wav

Often turning off the mobile phone is therefore very difficult on a psychological level. FARaDAY cage is a simple and functional solution, it is a 3V geodesic dome built with wood or any rigid material, given its simplicity of assembly (5 hexagons joined together in series by a common side and joined at the top by a pentagon) makes it possible to create it with different recycled materials. Externally the structure there is a layer of textile material sewn together and treated with DWR making FARaDAY breathable but waterproof; internally an aluminum skin will be made to sheild the signal. This skin is hypothetically made by recycling disposable aluminum trays, sewn together and a texture will be carved allowing the passage of light rays but not electromagnetic waves. Inside it will also be made some furniture to enjoy the maximum “protection” of FARaDAY. The project was 2 in the competition.

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Francesco Angelo Convertini

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