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The genius of the dissertation is derived from the concept of phenomenal transparency in which there is neither limitation of physical dimension nor of time. A superimposition is built upon the primeval conception of space intertwines with the nomadic philosophy of Turks. In order to reveal the existing phenomenal transparency, a synthesized portrayal of collective knowledge, history, and mysticism of cultural, artistic and architectural works that have existed in Anatolia from BC 10.000 up to the 21st century is presented herein. The genius of forms are synthesized and interpreted by the faculty of abstraction and comes into being in pure geometry, constituting the true essence of forms in Anatolia.

The project cultivates micro-cosmos that creates a system of psychic relationship between man and space within the noncognitive landscape in which arises a perception of being one in an inseparable world in the eternal present. Space belongs to past-present-future so that; it is subjected to eternal transfiguration which corresponds to the genius of moment issued in the form analysis. The study portrays an interpretation on the ethos of Turkish deriving from collective knowledge, history, and mysticism of cultural, artistic and architectural works exist in Anatolia in the eternal present. The artifacts of both vernacular and disciplinary cultures belong to an abstract ground where traces of the past give life to the concept of phenomenal transparency. The genius of forms are synthesized and interpreted by the faculty of abstraction and come into being in the project as pure geometry; Circle. While a single circle can constitute micro-cosmos within the eternal present, it also illustrates infinite numbers of moments turning into each other in a perpetual cycle, in the same manner with the genius of vertical which holds conceptual parallel grounds as being an ideological bridge between micro-cosmos and macro cosmos. The forms of the project are derived from this main form related genius and enriched with the noncognitive landscape which is called in the book as supernature portraying the immersive correlation between man and his environment.

The primal conception of space and that of nomadic Turks’ belong to a similar understanding.The perceptional philosophy of the two phenomena holds universal and eternal features in term of space.The main objective to build a space is motivated by the instinctive forces to point one’s position onto infinite void.Everything is considered as interconnected and everything coexists in an inseparable world.Man is free to move and change place since he regards himself equal to nature. Man urges to evolve the sense of belonging which is to build a bridge between his spiritual world and his physical surrounding.This instinctual force to build a space has never lost its primal essence, however, it changed forms under circumstances which are occurred developments in technical knowledge and in way of living ever since centuries.On this wise, this project aims at cultivating cosmos where spaces create an interconnected system belonging to the perception of a unique world.The proposal of abstract spaces can be applied to overall Turkey, respecting her nomadic national philosophy.The main consideration of the site selection is to detect where nature becomes one with the man without distractions that occur in city life. For this project, the places are chosen on the path that starts from my hometown Izmır in west Turkey to South along the cost.The application of this phenomena to physical in any other location can occur in the future and they as well become a member of this whole system.

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