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Eco-Healthy Regeneration

As we all know, the well-being of man and of the environment that surrounds him are closely connected. We spend 80% of our time in a closed space such as home, school, job and free time: indoors where we think we are “protected” but where instead the air quality is much worse than outside. We subconsciously breathe high quantities of harmful particles, produced by most of the construction elements, by the furniture and by the “inevitable” breathing. Taking a school in Madrid as a case study, we are carrying on a sustainable requalification project.

The experimental plan in the laboratory that acts on two fronts: • IN strategy: a new active construction system consisting of false ceiling-partition wall, made of Gypsum with the addition of porous material, which capturs and transforms VOCs into inert and harmless substances, purifying the environment. The use of gypsum allows to obtain also an excellent regulation of humidity thanks to its porous structure; • OUT strategy: photocatalytic materials, such as those based on TiO2, which activated by sunlight decompose the polluting substances present in the air and transforms them into innocuous particles. This new technology makes the antismog surface unaltered over time.


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