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Echoes of war – Revitalisation of the former NSA field station in Berlin


The focus of this group project was the development of a conversion concept for the revitalization of the former spy station and its surroundings. Based on the analysis, an architectural design is formulated. The idea was to preserve the historical building fabric and while unfolding a function as a memorial, open-air museum and educational institution.

The aim was to ensure a balance between public, semi-public and private areas within the large-scale facility. The architectural design emphasizes the specificity and significance of the existing building with a contemporary design language, combining the individual functions and meaningfully expanding them.

The Field Station on Teufelsberg in Berlin served the US and British armed forces from 1961 to 1992 as a monitoring station. During the Cold War they used the most modern means to monitor the states of the Warsaw Pact from here.

Even today, this facility has an immense appeal and impresses both Berliners and the tourists. One of the reasons is the extraordinary location on Teufelsberg, which is one of the highest elevations of the federal capital in Grunewald. The outlines of the buildings, above all the tower and five radomes, shape the silhouette of Berlin until now. Over the years, there were many ideas for a conversion of this area. Moreover, not least because of the initiative of some cultural associations, it has become a new center of urban art.

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Echoes of war – Revitalisation of the former NSA field station in Berlin Board
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