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Earth, sea, sky: Cavo Greco


“Cavo Greco” is a cape at the unoccupied province of Famagusta. It is located at the south-east part of Cyprus, in a highly developed residential and tourism area, between two of the most famous tourist destinations and attractions in Cyprus, Ayia Napa and Protaras. Cavo Greco is a relatively mild place with low rocky hills, while the coasts underneath are mainly rocky and steep, and many sea caves are shaped, providing a greater aesthetic value to the place. The rocky hills, combined with the small width of the cape, provide a panoramic view of the sea and the horizon.

There are many attractions in the area, such as the sea caves “Palatia”, the natural bridge “Kamara tou Koraka”, the “Cavos” hill, the church and cave of “Ayii Anargyri” and the lighthouse of Cape Greco. The area is suitable for various activities such as hiking in nature trails, bird – watching, study of the nature and the natural science, photography, cycling, horse-riding, climbing, swimming, scuba diving, fishing and rowing. The place is usually used by people individually, without any organized and coordinated action, while many viewpoints of the cape remain unused. This thesis, suggests the establishment of an “Activities Centre and a Collective Housing Space” which strengthens the existing uses of the cape, while at the same time, it exploits and multiplies the viewpoints of the area. The “Activities Centre” will be a starting point for the organized actions of the area, providing at the same time multiple viewpoints of the sea and the horizon. The “Collective Housing Space” will provide an alternative way of temporary residence in the area, always considering the multiple viewpoints. A dominant element in this composition, is the single route that is created from the top of the rocky hill ending up in the sea, thus allowing uninterrupted movement to the users. Secondary routes connect the main route with other individual elements of the composition. The composition consists of the main volume of, the “Activities Centre”, the Observatory, the “Collective Housing Space", the Baths and the Pier, which essentially represents the end of the main route which leads to the sea. To maintain visual continuity, the composition is adapted to scale and landscape inclination.

The Board:
Earth, sea, sky: Cavo Greco Board


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