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Dualism (D5E61)


The current global pandemic demands that we stay home. This condition often requires one to integrate job and personal life in our resident. Designing solutions to create a living space that accommodates both conducive working and domestic function within the same space rise are on demand, whether to solve the current situation or to create future-proof spaces.

Creating a segregated function within the same space is important to demarcate our work and life balance. The duality of the space requires an on-demand ergonomics, lighting and other external factors for each activity to be conducive. This seamless modular furniture system allows users to draw the workstation when needed, as well as the brainstorming board. IoT (Internet of Things) is integrated to allow digitization of ideas and enables sharing and communication with coworkers.

Resting is integral to keep a balanced life. Acoustic, temperature, and comfortable lighting plays a role in creating a conducive resting environment. Smart environment system is integrated within the bedroom to create the preferred settings, as well as allowing TV console as a leisure activity to be switchable between living area and bedroom area.

The Board:
Dualism (D5E61) Board
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