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Diploma thesis project: “Navigating through Santa Fe. Interventions along the riverline.”

The subject of my diploma thesis arose after my participation in the Erasmus + International Mobility program in collaboration with the “Universidad Nacional de Litoral” of Santa Fe. Having had the opportunity to live in this Argentinean city for a while, and through my personal experience, an idea was created, that was profoundly investigated and finally shaped with the aim of creating a dialogue with the landscape, by redefining the boundary line between water and land of the city.

The proposal includes an attempt to connect urban and aquatic environments and consists of two parts. Firstly, the water itineraries on the river, as an alternative way of commuting with floating public transport, and secondly the remodeling of the river shoreline with land routes, along with the appropriate infrastructure to complement the proposed program. Within the city and along the river, sites of interest are identified, due to their location and functionality as well as in relation to their surroundings. There are proposed the stops of the water routes, which are framed by a conjunction of uses and interventions, fully integrated into the landscape and adapted to the needs of the inhabitants, always considering their habits and the needs of their culture. As far as the new additions are concerned, a recurrent vocabulary with engravings and formations is created, clearly influenced by the morphology of the area and the elements of the natural environment. The project aims at upgrading underdeveloped areas, outside the city centre, by connecting key positions on its map and facilitating the access to them and simultaneously improving the quality of life of the inhabitants. Moreover, the exploitation of the unique natural wealth of the wider region, and the way in which the water element coexists and connects with the urban fabric, both play a significant role.


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