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AWWA, apartment without walls (almost)


The project is based on the idea of making the most of the available space, avoiding the use of partitions that fragment the space and make it not very versatile. To obtain spatial sequences without resorting to conventional separation elements, the house was thought of as a single empty room in which multiple situations could be recreated through the use of some elements capable of differentiating the spaces and generating different areas, adaptable to different needs.

All this is made possible through the use of three main elements: a central core, which houses a whole series of elements and spaces, a platform on which the box is grafted and finally a boiserie that wraps around the entire house.

The transition from outside to inside occurs gradually. The entrance area is designed as a place to store shoes and clothing inside wardrobes, carrying out a first sanitation thanks to a sanitation area specially designed before using the other rooms; in this regard, the footboard serves to differentiate the spaces of the house and recreate a sort of passage element between the entrance area and the most intimate space of the home. The central core, in addition to a mushroom as a wrapper for all primary functions such as kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, also gives life to a whole series of conditions that respond to equally important daily needs, spaces with different degrees of intimacy through extensions and grooves or housing equipment such as areas for relaxation, study, fitness, etc. The kitchen and work areas are designed to be able to extend to the sides, a second need for users, thus becoming versatile and usable as additional spaces for study, work or to receive friends and relatives.

Finally, the wooden wall that surrounds the entire space, plunges into the complement to the central core, giving rise, through different depths, to some shelf, benches and furniture.

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AWWA, apartment without walls (almost) Board
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