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Architecture of Lifelong Learning Ecosystem


Architecture of lifelong learning ecosystem is the project of how to create a better educational and learning system in Thailand. By researching all the problems in Thai education, the result shows that there are so many organizations that work on how to make Thai education better. But the problem is the organizations both private and public sector never work as a whole, they are always work individually because dealing with the ministry in the public sector is not very convenient due to it slow process. So I now create the place that all of the people who want to make the educational and learning system better can work in the convenient and supportive ecosystem.

Architecture of a lifelong learning ecosystem is the place for developing Thai educational system and promoting lifelong learning to the people; both in micro and macro scale. The project consists of 2 main functions: 1. Educational development & research center which are the organization that works on how to make Thai education better; also including EdTech company. This place will bring together people who are interested and want to develop Thai education both online and offline to join and make a change in the society. 2. Lifelong learning Institute, an area to promotes new learning ways of people of all ages. It also serves as an experimental and informative space for educators who wish to develop their own teaching in order to build a professional learning community (PLC). This place will contain both formal and informal learning which will give opportunity to more people. They will receive the education that they want. Flexible! This will give humans the opportunity to develop a more complete life, through learning until the end of our life.

Architecture of lifelong learning ecosystem is a project involving both direct and indirect education and learning system in Thailand. The process began by studying the environmental factors that affect human learning nowaday. How the brian works when humans receive new information and how the machine learns which will be the key to future learning process. So the concept of creating the architecture is involving with learning methodology. By combining all of the tools, the concept is called “The architecture of how we learn”. The form finding is experimenting how neurons react to each other by using glue and magnet powder to create architectural mass form.

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