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AQUA-LAB: Exploration in Immersive Kinematics

This project is to discuss what architecture means in terms of immersive kinematics with the development of robotics and artificial intelligence. By exploring how interactive environment influences users of spaces, this project tries to shape architecture to be a better fit into the new technological era.

There has been an accumulated habitation of skilled individuals who manufacture mechanical accessories in Yeoungdeungpo area, Korea. Supposing the community enjoys the making of mechanics and artificial assemblies, this project takes this site to be an experimental field for developing a prototype of discussed architecture and accommodate these manufacturers to live and work.

I developed a machine that is sensitive to sound and chokes the object in the center when users scream to it. I found this behavior interesting and has many possibilities to become architectural spaces. This algorithm is then applied to Yeoungdeungpo area to generate a distorted topography that introduce large-scale landscapes as part of the experiment. Another round of digital algorithm is developed afterwards to find complex geometries that spatially simulate the behavior of the prototype.

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Chuanjingwei Wang

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