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Appartment Flow


We find inspiration in Taoism: Balance, Nature, and Spontaneity. Combining the religious concept with a modern lifestyle, “Apartment Flow” is born with a dynamic balance between work & rest. Apartment Flow allows Roberto and Giulia to flow between work & rest easily and follow their body clocks. It places work & rest space under different ambiances. The various styles of work & rest will bring them various spatial experiences. There are two highlights in Apartment Flow: a multifunctional box that combines a bed, working area, and bookshelf, and elevation stairs that create a feeling of broader space and separate interior areas. In all, Apartment Flow provides work & rest shift and new living experience for Roberto and Giulia.

One of the highlights of Apartment Flow is the multifunctional box that consists of a bed, working bar, and bookshelf. Roberto and Giulia can work and rest here with ease.

This is the living in Apartment Flow, where Roberto and Giulia can shift between work and rest quickly and comfortably.

The Board:
Appartment Flow Board


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