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“Amorphous” is a floating hotel room located in the dock of Milan, Darsena. An architecture where full and empty spaces intersect to create a unique harmonious interior. The project’s task is to set up an “amorphous experience” where people can feel absorbed by the environment, such as water takes shape from its container. Indeed this special room does not provide a defined furniture, roof or walls, but it is composed of curves and levels that the guest should explore, perceiving a different spatiality according to his position. The aim is to build a deep relationship with water; indeed the architecture takes place really close to water level so the guests could feel the detachment with the land not only psychologically but also physically.

The structure is composed of a system of 47 supporting frames in laminated timber 6 cm thick, prefabricated and shaped with laser cut, alternated with panels in polycarbonate 5 cm thick. The wooden material’s name is Kerto Q, micro laminated and with a high ratio between mechanical resistance and weight, which guarantees an optimal response to floating.

The Board:
Amorphous Board
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