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Aesthetics of the infinite


I am beautiful. My every stage of evolution narrates the chronicle of ‘Aesthetics’. I am ‘The Infinite Nature’!

Nature is imagined as being picturesque where everything is stable and calm. This idea of nature has been projected by early classical landscape paintings which talks about only visual aspects. Further Indian calendars and posters carried the same idea of nature, which became the image of ‘natural beauty’. Tourism carries the same impression of nature where a man wants to show the landscape as a picturesque frame. But nature has no stable form in which it can stay for long. Nature is volatile and unstable so how does one keep up with this projected image of nature then? To keep up with this image of nature of being consistent and calm, man ‘manufactures nature’. The various season brings new meaning to the old landscape. Monsoon brings the smell of wet clay and some freshness, winter gives the sensation of cold drew drops on rough grass. Summer gives the touch of hot wind which makes body realized it’s existence. Cycle of the river shows the play of water. Many transformations occur in nature and each stage has its own beauty. Every-time when nature changes it’s form then aesthetics of previous form also changes. The cycle of nature is continuous and the definition of it’s aesthetics should also change accordingly. But because of the image, man wants to preserve the landscape to along with idea of it’s beauty. Hence man is denying the natural aesthetics of process by manufacturing new nature and aesthetics of this ‘new nature’ will remain as it is forever.

The landscape tells the story of its existence, degradation, and survival. Sometimes the man becomes an actor of this story, sometimes he becomes a narrator. Chronicles of landscape apprise various strands of correspondence between man and nature which reveals individual ideas of aesthetics. These chronicles talk about the experience of the landscape which is irrespective of the image of nature. Interviews of different people from Khot Juwa talked about various correlations they have with the surrounding. In these interviews, one aspect is very clear and that is an association of self and the landscape! Yes, the eye is not the only body part which reacts to nature but also another body adapts and celebrates the aesthetics of landscape!

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