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Activity-based Home


This project will aim to apply the principles of activity-based office design to the home environment by allowing the space to support different types of work (e.g. focus work, meetings, confidential calls etc) while retaining its pervious functions (e.g. rest, entertainment, social life). To achieve this Roberto and Guilia’s schedules will be reviewed to identify potential activity overlaps. The proposed design addresses these challenges by creating an adaptable layout that can be completely transformed into an office, a domestic space or something in-between.

Following the 2020 pandemic, the lines between work and home life were blurred when a large number of employees abruptly shifted to home working (wfh) to combat the spread of the disease. Despite the initial difficulties, many people have found the new reality convenient and have, as a result, shifted to mixed-working patterns that include working both in the office and from home during their working week. This has created an opportunity to re-evaluate the way we live and work to allow for these changes. The home environment is particularly interesting in this case as the spaces that were traditionally used for few activities will now need to accommodate a large number of additional functions. The activity-based office is an office design style that has been adopted by multiple companies over the past decade. It is characterised by the provision of different working locations that create agile and tailored spaces for diverse work activities including focus work, collaborative and meeting spaces, touch down areas and more creating an ideal framework for adapting future homes to the new lifestyle.

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Archontia Manolakelli

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