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BAKAHAN – Cattle Center and Livestock Auction Market

Livestock raising in the Philippines plays a big role in the life of the Filipino people especially in the development and growth of the agricultural and rural economies. For small holder farmers, livestock serves as their source of cash to buy the inputs they needed in their daily life and support their families.
This project aims to be the Central Livestock Market in Batangas that will provide a development facility that will comply to the needs of the users in order to provide employment and generate more income to our farmers. Also, the complex should show its ability to create a resilient environment in order to be a part of increasing the demand needed within the industry itself and achieve a green and sustainable development.

The design theme is inspired from the metaphysical meaning of cow which is Motherhood. There are three main characteristic of a motherhood which are Bond, Fertility and Strength.

Main building serves as a focal point to the development. Also, the plan conveys a radial pattern in order to achieve security and the interconnection of each buildings. The building shall have structural solidity since the market is a vast and wide structure therefore the structural elements that will be used is space/steel framing since it is used to span large areas. Supporting buildings are design in modular grid planning, for it conveys spatial relationship, clarity and maximizing spaces. Façade Concept – Vertical conformation Conveys strength, stability, and security within the structure


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