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A House for the lake

Open conceptual competition. Ramat-Gan. Israel. 2019
Pavilion renewal in the national park (Initiated by Ramat-Gan municipality)
Team mates: Omri Levy, Dana Lieber, Stephanie Savio, Alon Sarig

In order to renew a floating pavilion which places on an artificial lake in the National Park.
According to the former mayor of Ramat-Gan Avraham Krinitzi manifest: ‘… Gardens are not luxuries. They are health and social necessity”.
The city, founded as a national model for” Garden City” has given great importance to green spaces.

The project proposed to transform the pavilion into a biological water treatment facility in aim to increase the number of functions, activities and raise environmental awareness.

The building holds two interwoven programs- Leisure and R&D: visitors can deep into the lake, hear about water treatment activities, see an exhibition about the technologies, and finally, eat in a restaurant from the plenty of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients from the lake such as filtered water, seaweed or fish. The scope of the new building expanded by increasing its perimeter by five meters and a central atrium was opened by excluding the original volume from the extra mass. The atrium binds the assemblage of programs, and its shape was created by tracing after the original outer façade profile, so its 'freeze' an image memory of it's old form. The façade consists by double skin: A pipes layer is anchored from the roof's edge to binds to float on the water level – this creates a gentle swinging to the facade and merging it with the whole lake's surface. The second layer are curved transparent panels close spaces which required forced climate conditioning and acoustic landings. Open areas allow ideal growing conditions for algae's pools and air turbulence through the patio gives passive cooling to the whole complex. The purification process, much like dialysis, is done by pumping the lake water, stream it through PVC pipes for initial UV filtering, then the water poured into an ecological algae pools that absorb the residual waste. In the end, purified water flows back into the lake just beneath the patio.

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