Group logo of EDA EDA Three architects/engineers who crossed each other’s path during last year of university. We did a design studio as a group, we were good together and we decided to design our project as a team. We will let you […]

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Group logo of TesiaiCaraibi TesiaiCaraibi Two young architects who love urbanism and traveling!

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Group logo of Through the Lattice Through the Lattice Just three graduated students from Politecnico di Milano

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Group logo of Anavatos Anavatos Sei donne, sei architetti che lavorano insieme al loro progetto di tesi.

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Group logo of Gnocchi+Danesi architects Gnocchi+Danesi architects ”It is the subject that most can unite art, science and reality: it is not just about form, or function. It is, first of all, about people.” – Massimo Gnocchi

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