Group logo of CC CC Two young graduates in architecture from Politecnico di Milano, interested in the art world, new buildings and travels.

Private Group / 2 members
Group logo of BRIT Architects BRIT Architects Two young architects, who work in a complementary way. One deals with the relationship between architecture and urban design and the other works with the combination of architecture and engineering.

Private Group / 2 members
Group logo of JRSN JRSN JRSN is read as Jerusna, a name that keep us connected

Public Group / 2 members
Group logo of ZAPOI ZAPOI Zapoi è il progetto di un po’ di amici, che volevano restare a Napoli e fare quello che piú gli piace, ovvero l’autocostruzione, l’autoproduzione e l’autogestione nell’architettura. Forse ci stiamo riuscendo. S […]

Private Group / 2 members
Group logo of ARCHfreedom ARCHfreedom A group of two young ambitious architects and designers test the idea of a free, clean architecture from ECO materials, functional and simple, but bright and eye-catching. Michael is designing an object – […]

Private Group / 2 members
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