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Jayakrishnan Ranjit
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Group logo of M&M M&M We are two young graduated, passionate about urbanism. We are both from Bologna and we dream to make our city more resilient, active and beautiful to live in!

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Marco Mariani
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About Me
The 5 years long experience at University of Ferrara, the one year and a half spent in University of Curitiba (Brazil) and the several Team projects on which I have worked on, have allowed me to design and develop my own point of view about the subject. Team-work conferred me team spirit, along with problem solving skills and self motivation. All these factors made me enhance my ability to take quick and effective decisons even under pressure. Feedbacks have been rewarding, with good exams' results and excellent relationships with all team members. The numerous presentations and coursework in the attendance of school and university, made me build up a wide range of written and verbal comunications skills, good organization and care for details.