Niels Geerts
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About Me
Hi there! I'm Niels Geerts. This year I graduated from the Master Architecture of the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. An education in which you work during the day and go to the Academy in the evenings. An interesting way to connect practical experience with academic study. Thanks to a previous education and modules at both the art academy in Utrecht and at the Delft University of Technology, I am very interested in combining craft with science and emotion with ratio. In my work I am often looking for interdisciplinary connections between landscape, urban design, interior design and other design or art disciplines. In practice I work on consecutive projects: from masterplan to public space and from building to interior. My interest lies in working on social, cultural and political projects within an urban environment. The ambition for sustainability is always important in this. This is expressed in the often wooden choice of materials, circularity and designing with light and air as important resources.