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Maddalena Magnani
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About Me
PERSONAL STATEMENT: well organized, calm, attentive, highly team-minded, curious, communicative, young and active student, currenlty completing Architecture studies. Architecture fascinates me. With a deside to explore how science and technology can be used to improve the perfrmance of buildings both socially and environmentally, architecture has brought out the dichotomy of my personality, allowing me to engage both creatively and scientifically with the aesthetic and functional aspects of design. I am a curious person, and I have a lot of interests in the fields of sports, music and foreign cultures, photography and architecture. Sports person: playing tennis from early childhood, having played almost sports like swimming, volleyball, karate. This made me team-minded, ambitious and disciplined to win and reach my own goals as well as the team’s goals. Enthusiast traveler: travelled to many different countries and places of the world, flexible and open for work abroad.