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About Me
I'm a young italian Architect, Art lover and travelling addicted. What I can basically write about myself is that I'm deelpy in love whit art, and with all its shapes, above all architecture, because of its power to get into people lives and to influence. My thesis reserch in Portugal is for sure the first thing that proprely opened my mind to other morphological, social and architectural conditions. I really think that Architecture could change the world for the better, but it needs to restart to be more ethical and more sustainable. The future in my opinion is about recycle and rehabilitation, without forgetting beauty. This is the main reason why last year I chose to partecipate at the international competition concerning post-war housing in Syria, organized by "Matterbetter" association; whic my team and I finally have won. What brought me here was first of all the love for the arts mixing, and from that consciousness the willing and a chance to partecipate 2 years ago at the international workshop about timber self building, based in Tara's National Park, Serbia, organized by"Meds" association. Start from this experience I decided to undertake a new project in at Zimoun's contemporary art Studio in Bern, Switzerland, who works with sound installations. I'm really looking forward about what will be the next step: I consider myself a person who doesn't stand immobility and always needs to be active.