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Caterina Dalsasso
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About Me
Hi, My name is Caterina, I'm 24 years old and I come from Rome, Italy. I achieved my master's Degree in Architecture in 2020 with the score "110/110 Cum Laude and Dignity of Publication" at University of Rome, La Sapienza submitting my master thesis: "Green city and climate mitigation - the renovation of the social housing of Vigne Nuove, in Rome". I spent the 3rd and 4th year of University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where I attended the Master of Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences as an Erasmus student where I had the opportunity to participate in several competitions and being nominated in the top 8 of the Contest "Start for talent: #Turincall". While studying in Frankfurt am Main I joined the KSP Jurgen Engel Architekten Studio where I worked for a year on various projects, gaining the experience of the competition phase. At this moment I'm attending a II level Master in Environmental Technological Design at University of Rome, La Sapienza.