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Anna Mitkova Sen
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About Me
I have graduated from the University of Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria, in the Department of Interior and Design with a thesis project which was rated excellent by the evaluation committee of architects. The Erasmus + grant that I received supported my desire for an internship abroad and I am currently an intern at F:L Architetti studio in Turin, Italy. I would like to expand my knowledge and skills and therefore I am open to collaborations with professionals focused on innovation and sustainability. Since the very beginning of my studies I have been fascinated by organic architecture and designers who think outside of the box. During my fourth year at the university I took part in my first parametric design workshop and since then I have been in 5 workshops, in the last one of which I was a Rhinoceros tutor. I have also taken a course in the Smart Fab Lab in Sofia as well as an Arduino course. In 2015 I was invited to work in B2N 3D printing studio, where I explored different 3D printing technologies and gained experience in working with clients. Although I have never considered a career as a teacher, in 2016 I discovered the innovative teaching method developed in Bulgaria in the early 70s called “Suggestopedia”, which incorporates psychology and artistic techniques. I actively practiced as an English teacher while working on my architectural thesis. This experience helped me improve my organizational and communication skills and will inevitably reflect on my work as an architect and a designer by giving me an open-minded approach to new challenges. I am open for collaborations on new projects and/or freelance work. I would like to develop my skills and I am always eager to learn new skills and gain knowledge which may not always be within the domain of my profession, which can best be seen in my thesis work.