Alessandro Rognoni
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About Me
I'm Alessandro, I'm 26 years old and I just graduated in Architecture in Milan. I love Architecture because for me it means responsibility; it’s a concrete way to shape our common world a better place for us and for those who'll come after us. I really find myself comfortable into teamwork. When I was a student I was elected in the students representative team of my study course, and at the same time with some friends I’ve organized Atmospheres (2018/2019) that are the Fuorisalone events of Politecnico di Milano. I like to constantly learn from other’s point of view and share my perspective (I also think that sharing skills and perspectives always brings the final result to its best). Since I started university in 2014 I have experienced the world of architecture as a trainee with Architect Daniela Obelleri and at EMA - Efrem Milia Architetto studio in Milan. Now, at the same time, I am an Academic Tutor into two Architectural Design Studios at Politecnico di Milano. For one of them I am the coordinator of the Urban Farm 2020 competition promoted by the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna. I cultivate many interests, such as lot of hikes and climbings in mountains, skiing, swimming and running. I love the sea. I love photography, reading and music. I often play guitar and sing. Above all, I have an unbridled passion for flying and for space exploration. A dream in the drawer? Set foot on Mars to design and build new living spaces. But I am aware, I live here and here, I want to leave my trace.