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João Oliveira
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Daria Smolova
Student (Master of Architecture)
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About Me
My name is Daria. I am 23 years old and I currently reside in the city of Montreal, Canada. I am captivated by the field of architecture. I strongly believe the profession of an architect influences the way people live, eat, sleep, and network, amongst numerous activities, however, most people think, that architects design meaningless boxes and cities and has nothing to do with life in general. Therefore, not everyone is given to understand the true essence of architecture and reveal its meaning. Personally, I tend to say that what we really design through architecture is our relationships. Cities are all about people. The spaces we inhabit influence how we act and how we feel. My interest in architecture as a profession derives from the process in which an idea of space is transformed into a construction project and I am determined to discover what is behind this process. Given the knowledge, skills, and tools, I am confident that participation in this architectural competition will push me to my limits to get the best of my abilities. I am determined to pursue this major and if given the opportunity, I know I will have success in my ability.