CMR2015 competition

Carpineto Mountain Refuge

CMR2015 competition aims to promote the territory and the landscape of Lepine Mountains through a series of temporary receptive points nearby the main mountain paths hiked over by tourists, that go from the valley to the tops of the mountains that surround Carpineto, rethinking the old mountain huts in a contemporary way.

These new facilities, which will give a new look to the landscape, will function as shelters, useful for all hikers who reach Semprevisa Montain from the town every year. The competition aims to promote a new concept of tourism development of the area, through a new idea of hospitality, enhancing the potentialities of the area in all its components, bringing out the strong points that specifically characterize the village and the surrounding area.

The competition promotes the design of an accommodation facility, aimed to be an information point and the first of a series of info and helping spots along the way. At the same time, the competition asks to design mountain huts ideally placed at the crucial points of the routes, where other tourist facilities have been placed over the years but that lack of architecture style and quality.

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