2.0WATT Competition

2.0WATT  is a competition that encourages the development of design proposals on the reuse of abandoned spaces of Zerowatt factory and on its transformation, in step with the requests arisen during the participatory planning.

The competition aims to define a vision for a future structure and reuse of the area. The design should be thought considering feasibility and sustainability criteria. 2.0
WATT primary aim is to define the possible scenarios on the future of the area. Even though it will not be realized right after the competition phase, the designs for 2.0WATT competition may be the base for an effective program of reuse of Zerowatt.
A meticulous analysis of the nature and the history of the building is highly recommended, as it is necessary in order to better understand its historical and affective ties with the territory.
Focus on the aspects related to the sensitivity of this place of memories, able to connect past, present and future, meant to be a place of relationship or, rather, a place that “produces relationships”.

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