International Architecture Holiday, San Cataldo

IAHsummer14 was in San Cataldo, Lecce, Italy from 2 to 9 August 2015. 100 youngsters from all over the world had the chance to live 9 days full of architecture and entertainment in the wonderful coasts of Salento.

The Laboratory

The workshop involved 100 young people split in teams and followed by a tutor who provided all the materials necessary to produce the documents required. The laboratory focused on alternative methods to digital projecting and, after an initial stage of definition of a concept, through drafts, models and drawings, a 1:20 material model of the accommodation will be produced.

The theme

IAH focused on the projecting of a model of temporary holiday house for tourists who will visit Salento, one of the most popular touristic destinations of the last years. IAH proposed to create a new flexible accommodation facility: a holiday house, able to host groups composed of maximum 6 people during high season and to become, when necessary, a university accommodation for maximum three students in winter.


As promised, the participants were involved in both learning and leisure activities, like the Salento traditional dinner, along with a local folk music live concert, the visit to Gallipoli with aperitivo at sunset, the sightseeing of charming Lecce old town and the lecture held by ORproject, London architecture firm Archistart partner.

Final Exhibition


Firm Partners