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About Me
I am a 26 years old architect from Genova, Italy. Ever since I was young, I’ve been fasci- nated by projects, in fact I love to know how things are made and above all why. It is my opinion that the main question every architect and designer has to ask himself about his own project is the reason of every single choice he has made. I am enthusiast of design, in all its shapes and forms, not only architecture; as the matter of fact I also have a deep love for photography (my camera is always with me) and for video making and editing. Additionally, have other two strong passion in life: rst of all my dog, I took him from a shelter and since that moment he has always been with me as a little brother. The second is my motorbike, I ride it as often as I can. I love the particu- lar sensations of freedom I feel when I am riding my motorbike. I was also a downhiller but injuries forced me to stop; I am still a pretty good cyclist! Finally I am an honest and sincere person that achieves his goals and commitments. Fi- nally I take great pride and satisfaction in my job and when I do something I do it properly!