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10 reasons why you should attend an architecture workshop in Italy this summer

Still no plans for this summer? Same old, same old? SIGH!
Looking for something fun and interesting? Want to finally visit Italy? The authentic Italy, not the mainstream super busy touristic places, of course!
Your best choice of 2018: IAHsummer18, the summer workshop that will change you !!!
You are not convinced? Or you are but you don’t want to leave alone and need some tips to attract your friends?
BAM! Here 10 reasons why you (yes, you!) should sign up for an international architecture workshop in Puglia, Italy!


1. It’s free – mommy and daddy will pay for it as it’s a learning holiday 😉

2. Sea & Sun – you will be 5 meters away from the Mediterranean coast


3. Italian experience 24/24 & 7/7 – food, pool party, pub-crawling, night fever, traditional dinner, aperitivo, day-off on the beach.. all this in Italian style and you know that Italians do it better!


4. Give a boost to your CV – boring but true: attending a summer workshop can be seen by employers as a big gold star on your resumé


5. Learn something new – you will gain valuable and practical insight into architecture with drawing & actual construction methods.. Bye bye (for now) AutoCad, I’m not a robot!


6. Meet new people – let your international network grow.. so you can spend next fall and winter surfing on your workshop mates’ couches!!


7. An internship in Italy – you can win and be selected for an internship experience in Italy

8. Step outside your comfort zone – you will see the most surprising sides of you, skills you didn’t know you had.. you might even find your superpower!

9. You’ll avoid bad reality TV shows – trash TV gives its best during summer time.. you don’t want to see yourself wasting your time on grandma’s sofa (again)..

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10. Puglia is the new Italy’s hottest destination – you will discover an amazing corner of Italy that not everybody knows yet: sun, food, beaches, music, parties, nature, ancients towns, festivals's a magic place for all tastes!

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