Graphic design workshop

Where are you from?

Where are you from? is the title of this year graphic design workshop.
Thanks to the structure of IAHsummer19 festival, its location and its participants, for a week, the geographical and cultural distances are zero. Architects and designers from all over the world and messengers of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences are in fact living a week together to develop, collaborating with local people and organizations, public utility projects for the hosting site.
From the mixture of these ingredients, an inclusive and dynamic community is born, populating the hostel and the beach of San Cataldo, revitalizing the area, dealing with its issues.
This year the participants of the workshop will be invited to think about this theme, developing the visual identity of the festival starting from a visual element typical of a territorial identity: the flag

project reference

Each flag has a specific meaning that is not limited to a simple combination of colours and symbols. They reflect the history, geography, culture or traditions of the territories they represent.
The flags of the nations and/or the territories of origin of the participants will then be analyzed, broken down and redesigned according to the exhibition spaces.

The workshop will be coordinated by Michele Pastore and Andrea Guccini, young graphic designers

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