Architectural design workshop

The architectural design workshop changes!
The workshop will be coordinated by a selection of young under 35 Italian architectural firms.
So it’ll be a further network and relationship opportunity for the participants, as they will be able to get in touch with those professionals currently on a successful career.
The participants (for a maximum of 48, split into 8 groups) will be tutored by 4 mentors, each one of them as a representative of the under 35 architectural firms.
The 4 partners have been selected among the Italian architecture firms that have stood up for their recent activity and for the previous experiences. Each tutor will look after 2 groups. The 8 groups will compete on one single theme and will have to produce an A1 sheet and a scale model.
On the last day, a jury composed of an internationally renowned architectural firm, a member of the Archistart team and a representative of the municipal administration will meet.
A member of the winning group will have the chance to be selected for an internship at one of the partner firms. Here below the 4 partners and the theme.


IOSA  is a group of young architects from Bari working in different fields of research, but placed in the same Mediterranean, meridian perspective. The goal is to develop the skills to take a position within the critical and operational process of realities modification, and to give back meaning to terms worn down by improper use, such as experimentation, sensitivity, sustainability. IOSA is composed of Marcello Belviso, Davide Bertugno, Matteo Ciavarella, Maria Pia Fioriello, Antonio Filippo Losito, Martina Ottaviano, Valentina Vacca.

IOSA team
exhibition setting up “Sovra Scritture Pugliesi”, Bari (2018).


Arcipelago – architettura collettiva is the result of the collaboration of six Italian architects who share experiences and a common vision of architecture while conducting separate professional paths. They graduated in different universities: Polytechnic of Bari, La Sapienza, Roma Tre, IUAV, Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, and during their studies they carried out research projects abroad with the FAUP University of Porto, ENSAN of Nantes, and the UPTC of Cartagena. They have worked and work with many architecture firms, including Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Santiago de Chile and Tokyo, specializing in different fields: urban planning, architectural design, bioclimatic architecture, exhibition design and material design. The islands are: Nicola Dario Baldassarre, Pasquale Cipri, Salvatore Dentamaro, Nicoletta Faccitondo, Andrea Salvatore, Margherita Valente.

Arcipelago team
The great gig in the sky by Arcipelago


Oks  architects is an architectural firm based in Florence, born in 2014, composed by Eugenio Salvetti and Luca Scollo.
The firm is designed as a place of research and experimentation towards new languages and methodologies of architecture, able to see and design innovative spaces. Over the years, he has participated in several international design competitions and received many awards and recognitions, including “Young Italian Architects” and “NIB Architecture”.

Eugenio Salvetti and Luca Scollo
New school complex in Follonica (GR) - 1st place


Ellevuelle is a collective of architects founded in 2009 by Giorgio Liverani, Michele Vasumini, Luca Landi, joined in 2013 by Matteo Cavina. Graduated at “Aldo Rossi” Architecture Faculty of Cesena, they investigate the present architecture, wondering about its applications and purpose. They create a vision towards the union between consolidated aspects and recent construction techniques innovation. Their main research theme is sustained experimentation linked to the reading of the contest, to the pleasing use of materials and, obviously, to the needs of the client. The generator idea is the definition of a logo or sketch, formal synthesis of the architecture itself, and the attempt of its (infinite) multiplication, each time analogous and different from the previous ones.

Ellevuelle team
CASA ESSE Ellevuelle architetti

the theme

The theme of our workshop will be the regeneration of San Cataldo ‘Ostello del Sole’ hostel: turn it into a community hub near the sea, as a community lighthouse and a space for cultural and recreational activities, as the capital of the entire urban regeneration process of the coast.

The hostel currently hosts about 20 beds in the main building and a camping area within a fenced pine forest. The intervention will involve the main building and the adjacent open areas, i.e. the entire campus in its entirety.
Groups will be asked to think about a project that architecturally enhances buildings and functions outside. The goal is to encourage the use of the hostel by the community, beyond its hospitality function, and to increase the flows of visitors during low-season periods, imagining to open the fence towards public spaces and seaside and making the new hub a benchmark for a wider audience.

Ostello del Sole, San Cataldo - Lecce
Hostel building 'Ostello del Sole'

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