International Architecture Holiday, San Cataldo

Archistart doubles your summer!

As from 2017 Archistart gives its summer a makeover: the designing workshop IAHsummer will be integrated with IAHconstruction, an extra self-construction session for the projects of IAHsummer17.
In the new vision IAHsummer17 becomes an integrated lab of design, experimentation and self-construction.

Where and When

IAHsummer17 workshop will take place at “Ostello del Sole” in San Cataldo (Lecce) from 1st to 8th August 2017 and will involve young people split in teams and followed by tutors who will provide all the materials necessary to produce the documents required.

The Laboratory

During the workshop the participants will deal with methodologies different from digital design: after an initial phase of definition of a concept and a master plan, through sketches, diagrams and drawings, the teams will be asked to produce one table A2 format, where projects realized with freehand will be represented, and a three-dimensional model in 1:20 scale.


The theme of IAHsummer17 is the design of a temporary room, a “special tent” to be realized in the same hostel where the workshop takes place. The housing unit/temporary room should be designed to be made with simple materials that are also easy to find.
Providing aesthetic quality, identity and functionality to the temporary accommodation units of the hostel, along with the possibility to experiment the construction methods and the use of special materials are the main elements of the workshop, that will give new life to the hosting campsite. The goal is to live an experiential holiday, embracing the creativity of young designers in order  to imagine new and not standardized accommodations.

‘The Hedonist’ (photo) was selected to be one of ‘Hotel ShabbyShabby’ rooms for Theather der Welt in Mannheim – the most influential theater festival in Germany. Architects: Nuno Pimenta, Frederico Martins


During the 8 days of the workshop at the “Ostello del sole” IAH will offer an ideal holiday for architecture lovers. It’s a great opportunity for all the participants to socialize and meeting people with similar interests.
Parties and music shows will take place at the sea, beach and also in the pinewood of the campus so as to enjoy your stay in Salento.
Among the foreseen initiatives there will be concerts, happy hours, artistic works, architectures panels, tours and sightseeings, and a final exhibition of all the realized works.


at Km429  architecture firm in Mantova, italy – soon more info –

Special booking period (1st - 25th June)

*only 20 spaces available*

Self-arranged accommodation
Camping accommodation
Camping accommodation
+ Archistart tent
Hostel accommodation

These options include:
- workshop admission fee;
- camping fee or hostel fee
- one meal par day for seven days;
- drawing and modeling materials.

* for self-arranged accommodation option overnight accommodation (of any kind) is not included.

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