IAH special edition

International architecture workshop - Milan

IAH hits Milan!

For the Arch Week 2018, Archistart promotes IAHspecialEdition, a particular version of International Architecture Holiday, a free three-day workshop in Milan, in the Triennale gardens, where we will plan together with an installation that will be actually built in Salento (Puglia region – Italy) during the Summer Festival. 


Triennale gardens in Milan


Thursday 24th May
morning> grouping and kick-off
afternoon> workshop

Friday 25th May
morning> workshop
afternoon> workshop

Friday 26th May
morning> works deliver and winner project selection
afternoon> talk with Archistart


The workshop will involve 20 young people split into teams, 4 groups with 5 members each. The participants will be followed by tutors, that will provide all the materials needed to produce the required documents.
The final work to produce will be an A2 format table explaining the design proposal.
The winning group members will see their own project actually realized and can benefit from a discount for the participation in IAHsummer18, the incoming Archistart summer workshop.


IAHspecialEdition will delve into the design of an urban installation to be built within DIY techniques (self-construction). The installation will be one of the interventions foreseen by the urban regeneration masterplan re the development of the waterfront of S.Cataldo – Lecce, during the workshop IAHsummer18.
Specifically, the installation that will be designed during the Arch Week 2018 should focus on the theme of the entry towards the sea and the accessibility of the beach. The project aims to respond to a functional need for a connection between the waterfront and the beach, within an intervention of architectural and landscape value, consisting in a distinctive and identifying element in the context area.
The project should deal with the technical and actual realization feasibility, considering the subsequent DIY construction phase during IAHsummer18.

Extra workshop - ERO UN LIDO

May an abandoned and fallen into disuse beach club be an opportunity for urban regeneration? May new design items and pieces of street furniture be created from the reuse of waste?
Archistart, together with CODESIGNLAB, organizes a workshop to design the pieces of furniture for the “Ostello del Sole” to be realized in self-construction with the materials recovered from the disposal of Salapia beach club (Lido Salapia) in San Cataldo, Lecce. 
During the ‘ERA UN LIDO’ lab, the furniture will be designed in order to set up the relax and workshop areas of the architecture festival inside the Ostello del Sole.

The design proposals should consider the reuse of recycled wood coming from the dismissal of Lido Salapia.
The laboratory will examine in depth the design of:

– tables and chairs or benches (for the laboratory area and lunch area)
– seats and tables for the relax area
– special furniture, such as bar stools, chaise lounges, flowerbeds

The furniture should have flexible and modular configurations.

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